Friday, November 5, 2010

Technical Writer

What are you actually looking for when you are looking for a Content Writer?

Hi, I’m azzharee. As a writer and a website (SEO) content writer I can help you…
· Convey the right message to the right audience.
· Strengthen your brand.
· Articulate your message in a better manner and make an impact.
· Search Engine Optimize your content/web copy -> obtain better search engine rankings -> get more, relevant search engine traffic.
· Increase your business.
Web content/online writing services:

· Online and web copywriting
· Content writing
· SEO article writing
· Linkbait content
· Sales letters
· Marketing collaterals
· Bulk content · Blog writing and consulting
· Newsletter/E-zine writing
· Corporate profiles
· Product profiles and descriptions
· Website content
· Media kits
· Dedicated writers

An experienced copywriter knows that copywriting is not about selling your product or service…
· It’s about selling the overwhelming benefits.
· It’s about catering to the deepest desires of your customers and clients.
· It’s about establishing trust and credibility.
· It’s about using words that change the way people value you.
· And selling?
· Well, it’s a natural by-product of effective copywriting.
Following are the other skills that I do possess as a Content Writer:
• Excellent English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills
• Strong research skills
• An understanding of your business and its goals
• An understanding of your customers and their needs
• An understanding of SEO
• An understanding of Internet marketing
• An understanding of Internet writing styles
• The ability to write informative articles that provide value to your readers
Hire a Website Content Writer
While it may be tempting to write the content for your site on your own, doing so could be a mistake. First, do you have the time? Is your time better spent doing something more important such as developing your next product or interacting face-to-face with your customers? Next, do you have the skills? Hiring a website content writer is an investment in your site that frees you up for doing more important tasks.
A successful content writer must have a unique voice
Everybody can write well these days due to easy accessibility to various learning tools and the Internet, but being a successful professional content writer takes more than your ability to write well. You have to be unique; you need to develop your own distinct voice. When your clients hire you they don’t hire you for the correctness of your sentences (that’s a given, actually), they hire you for your writing style, for the way you express yourself and for the way you can enhance a company’s image through your writing.